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Meeting Rooms and Hearing Loops

Hearing challenges for people with hearing loss in meeting rooms

With 1 in 6 Australians affected by some form of hearing loss, it is almost guaranteed that someone in your next meeting will suffer from hearing loss.

UK-based social enterprise Ideas for Ears conducted research on hearing issues in meetings and outlined their findings in a report called Protocols for making meetings and events more accessible to people with hearing loss.

The report found that people in meetings often report difficulties hearing due to:

  • People speaking too quietly or not clearly enough
  • Poor acoustics and/or background noise
  • Poor room layout
  • No use or poor use of microphones
  • Failure to provide equipment or communication support (e.g. hearing loop, text transcription, etc.)

The research also identified that people are consequently:

  • Missing out on information
  • Not contributing as they could or wish to
  • Increasingly reluctant to attend meetings and events
  • Facing barriers to learning, involvement, and participation
hearing loops in meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are often overlooked when it comes to installing hearing augmentation systems. But the lack of quality audio in these rooms can have a big impact on people dealing with hearing loss.

Hearing loop solutions for meeting rooms

When thinking about hearing augmentation in buildings, meeting rooms are often overlooked. While smaller than conference venues and lecture theatres, meeting rooms provide their own unique set of challenges for those people dealing with hearing loss.

Addressing audio issues in meeting rooms for people with hearing loss can be as simple as installing a hearing loop.

A hearing loop is a cost-effective permanent or temporary solution to addressing these hearing challenges. LoopMe can assist with all hearing loop requirements and solutions.

Paired with a table microphone and a line out from any AV equipment, your meeting attendees can now stream meeting audio automatically directly to their T-Coil enabled hearing aids.

For attendees without T-Coil hearing aids, hearing loop receiver headsets can be provided if required.

Meeting room hearing loop solutions

Meeting rooms can be easily fitted with a hearing loop to help improve audio experiences for people with hearing loss.

LoopMe provides new or retro-fitted hearing loop installation or temporary installation for one-off situations.

For your meeting room hearing loop needs, contact LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia today. Call (07) 3844 5065 or use the form below.

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