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Permanent Hearing Loop Installation Brisbane

LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia can assist in all aspects of hearing augmentation system design, installation, testing and commissioning.

Where are hearing loops required?

The Building Code of Australia state that hearing loops must be installed in all public buildings. It is also recommended that all buildings where audience addresses are made, or for meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Hearing loop augmentation system design

LoopMe provide permanent hearing loop installation for both new buildings and existing buildings with a retrofit requirement.

We undertake a comprehensive process of investigation and evaluation to ensure the design of your system not only meets compliance and legislative requirements but provide the best experience for your users.

Our design process involves:

  • Site visit for retrofits or plan review for new builds. It is recommended that LoopMe are consulted early in the building design process to facilitate efficient incorporation of the hearing loop system into the building. We need to have a clear understanding of any other electronic equipment or lighting being installed to factor in any potential interference.
  • Experience requirement discussions
  • Review of applicable Building Code and Australian Standards
  • Specification of system requirements and options considering:
    • Building Code and Australian Standards requirements
    • Building/venue function
    • Building/venue size
    • Building materials used eg metal structures and magnetic absorption
    • Building layout
    • Audio sources
    • Amplifier locations
    • Possible causes of interference including electromagnetic background noise
    • Loop spillover
    • Confidentiality
  • Signage requirements. Where LoopMe have been engaged early in the design process for new buildings it is possible to ensure signage requirements are incorporated into any and all general signage designs being prepared for the building. For existing buildings, LoopMe will recommend signage that is sympathetic to the building where possible while still meeting mandatory signage requirements.

Based on the above reviews and investigations LoopMe will design a system or systems for the building with the most suitable loop type and equipment to satisfy all requirements, address any issues affecting audio quality, and meeting the desired user experience.


Legislation specifies the installation of permanent telecom loops in a range of different publicly accessible buildings and facilities.

Hearing loop augmentation system installation and testing

Once the proposed hearing loop system design has been accepted, LoopMe will commence the acquisition of system components and preparation for installation of the system.

For new buildings, LoopMe will work hand in hand with the relevant trades to ensure wire runs and other requirements are appropriately installed in readiness for component installation.

Once the building is ready for fit-out LoopMe will install the required hardware and fully test the installed system ensuring functionality.

For buildings requiring retrofitting of loop systems, LoopMe can coordinate all trades where required (eg electricians) and project manage the entire install if needed.

Mandatory signage, where not incorporated on general building signage, will be supplied and installed for both new building systems and retrofitted systems.

LoopMe can provide a range of permanent hearing loop products suitable for your building or venue.

Commissioning a permanent hearing loop system

Once installed LoopMe will commission the system to meet required standards of operation including IEC 60118-4 Standards.

The commissioning process will also identify and rectify any faults in the system.

These standards include testing and ensuring relevant levels are met or mitigated for:

  • Volume
  • Background noise
  • Field strength
  • Frequency response
  • Spill over and interference

Also included in the commissioning process is the review of final installed signage to ensure it meets mandatory requirements.

A commissioning certificate will be provided upon the satisfactory performance of the system.

After installation

It is recommended that a program of regular maintenance and testing is implemented to ensure the ongoing correct operation of the installed loop.

As an “invisible” service it is often only when the system is needed that a fault is identified. This can be mitigated by regular testing.

LoopMe can undertake a regular testing and audit regime to ensure your system continues to meet legislated requirements.

To discuss your hearing induction loop augmentation system requirements, contact LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia today. Call (07) 3844 5065 or use the form below.

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