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Function Spaces and Hearing Loops

Hearing challenges in function spaces

Function spaces are wonderful venues that twist, turn and contort to fulfill the needs and requirements of the next hirer of the venue.

It is this multi-functionality that can often cause unseen problems for people with hearing loss attending an event in that space.

A function space will primarily have challenges to do with acoustics:

  • How high will noise levels be in the room?
  • How much echo or reverberation is present in the room?
  • Is there any sound insulation or baffling to help reduce unwanted noise?
  • Are people close together with lots of conversation and noise going on around them?

These challenges, and others, can make it very difficult or even impossible for people at the event to hear the MC, speakers or other primary audio

Hearing loop solutions for function spaces

Due to the ease of installation hearing loops provide a quick and simple solution to help people with hearing loss enjoy the event to its fullest.

LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia can quickly set up a hearing induction loop and only need a power source and a connection to the sound desk or AV equipment and there is nothing else to do.

People with hearing loss who wear hearing aids with T-Coils can then switch on the coil and pick up audio transmitted by the hearing loop.

Entire rooms, sections of an interior or exterior space, or even a single chair can be included in the hearing loop. This makes it a perfect fit for a wide variety of functions and function spaces.

function spaces and hearing loops

Temporarily installed hearing loops are the perfect solution for hearing augmentation systems for function spaces, rooms and celebrations.

Function rooms and spaces hearing loop solutions

LoopMe installs temporary hearing loops for all types of functions in all types of function venues and spaces.

We can arrange a site visit to ensure the needs of your guests are met through the installation of a temporary hearing loop.

Contact LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia for an install solution for all your function needs. Call (07) 3844 5065 or use the form below.

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