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Conferences and Hearing Loops

Conference challenges for people with hearing difficulties

Conferences can be a challenge for those with hearing loss. Because of the nature of these types of events, those with hearing loss have to contend with:

  • background noise
  • poor acoustics in large conference centres
  • different sources of audio (eg speakers, video presentations, live streams etc)
  • distance from the presenter

Having an augmented hearing and listening solution installed during the event ensures that those of your attendees with hearing difficulties don’t miss out.


Permanent or temporary hearing loop conference solutions

Ideally, conference venues should have hearing loops permanently installed. LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia can assist with this either during construction or if the centre is undergoing a renovation.

If a permanent loop is not installed it is very quick and easy to install a temporary hearing loop that will ensure everyone in your audience gets the best sound experience possible.

A hearing loop can be installed in a matter of hours during the normal setup of your conference. It is tested, appropriate signage installed and guidance provided on the operation of the loop. This is in fact very simple as once it is installed, no other interaction is needed. Wearers of hearing aids with “T-coils” simply switch this on on their device and they will pick up the sound being transmitted by the loop.

For people without hearing aids, or people who may not have a T-switch on their device, receivers can be used as well.


hearing loops in conferences

Conferences can be a uniquely challenging environment for people with hearing loss. Hearing loops can help improve their experience.

Why are induction loops needed for conference venues?

While your participants may have hearing aids, conferences present unique challenges as discussed above.

In a normal situation the hearing aids will pick up all the sounds around the wearer, and then the device needs to pick up the sound from the presenter that may be coming from speakers a long way away.

Statistically, if you have 100 attendees at your conference almost 17 of them will have some form of hearing impairment. 

By having an induction loop installed and connected directly to the sound desk or AV direct output, sound is streamed directly to the user’s compatible hearing aid (with a T-switch) or a supplied receiver. This cuts out all other unwanted noise or interference providing a much better experience for the attendee.

Conference hearing loop solutions

LoopMe installs temporary hearing loops for all types of events including conferences.

We will install, test, place appropriate required signage, and uninstall and collect on completion of the conference.

Contact LoopMe by Better Hearing Australia for an install solution for all your conference needs. Call (07) 3844 5065 or use the form below.


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