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Churches and Hearing Loops

Challenges in church for people with hearing loops

Churches and reverberation seem to go hand in hand. While modern church buildings and places of worship do their best in the design and build phase to address reverberation and other issues with acoustics in these large spaces.

It is harder to address poor acoustics in older buildings where straight, large walls, hard surfaces, and little adornment compound the issue for people with hearing loss.

Even if the issue of acoustics can be adequately addressed listeners will also have to contend with ambient noise and distractions that can be hard to contend with for people with hearing loss.

Importantly, we also have to recognise that the audience in churches is generally older. This means they are also more likely to suffer from hearing loss.

Hearing loops for churches

Hearing loops provide an easy solution for churches and places of worship to provide a better listening experience for their congregation.

Permanent and temporary hearing loop solutions for churches

With an aging congregation, churches must recognise that a section of their congregation will suffer from hearing loss.

One in three people over the age of 50 suffer from hearing loss. This number rises to one in two after the age of 60.

Source: Hearing Care Industry Association


By installing a temporary or permanent hearing loop churches can effectively bring their sermon directly to the ears of their congregation.

This means visitors with hearing loss do not have to contend with bad acoustics, reverberation, or surrounding noise and shuffling.

A hearing loop uses a magnetic signal to stream sound directly from the church’s sound desk or AV system to the user’s T-Coil enabled hearing aids.

Once set up there is nothing more required from the venue’s point of view. Parishioners or guests simply flick on the T-switch on their hearing aids if they have one. They will then receive the audio directly from the sound desk with no interference.

It has been known that some parishioners have started to attend church services again once hearing issues in the venue were addressed. If a church or place of worship invests in this solution they should ensure their entire congregation is made aware of the improvements to sound quality.

Places of worship hearing loop solutions

LoopMe installs permanent and temporary hearing loops for all places of worship including churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and more.

For permanent installations, we will design, specify, install, and test the hearing loop system in addition to specifying signage as required for legislative compliance.

For temporary systems we install, test, place appropriate required signage, and uninstall and collect at the end of the service or event.

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