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SmartLoop Counter Pack

smartloop hearing induction loop on counter

The Portable SmartLoop Counter Pack is a convenient, all-in-one solution for most customer service counter situations.

The pack can help augment hearing in most types of one-to-one meetings, providing versatile desktop induction loop assistance for hearing aid users.

The portable induction loop is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and ready for immediate use.

No installation work is required.

What’s Included in the SmartLoop Pack?

The SmartLoop Counter pack contains:

  • Univox┬« SmartLoop Portable Loop Driver
    • DC Power Supply unit
    • Power cable
    • Mounting stand
    • Velcro tape
    • User guide
  • Univox┬« Loop Listener and Headphones
    • User guide
    • Replaceable headphone covers
  • AVLM5 Microphone
  • Hearing Loop Sign – International Standards Compliant

Univox spmartloop hearing augmentation kit

The Perfect Small, All-In-One, Mobile Hearing Induction Solution

A portable countertop hearing induction loop can be of significant use in various settings where communication access for individuals with hearing loss is important

Retail and Service Counters

Cash registers, service counters, and information desks in retail stores, banks, and other service-oriented businesses can benefit from a portable countertop hearing induction loop to facilitate communication with customers.

Reception Desks

Hotels, offices, and various reception areas can use mobile countertop loops to assist individuals with hearing impairments during check-ins, inquiries, and other interactions.

Libraries and Information Centres

Countertop induction loops in libraries and information centres can improve communication at service desks, making it easier for individuals to ask questions and seek assistance.

Small Meeting Rooms

In smaller meeting rooms or offices where a permanent induction loop system might not be practical, a portable countertop loop can provide a convenient solution for effective communication during meetings.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Booths and displays at exhibitions and trade shows can use mobile countertop hearing induction loops to ensure clear communication with attendees, including those with hearing impairments.

Museums and Visitor Centres

Countertop loops in museums and visitor centres can enhance the experience for individuals with hearing difficulties when interacting with staff or accessing information.

Ticket Booths and Information Kiosks

Ticket booths at transportation hubs, entertainment venues, and information kiosks can deploy portable countertop loops to assist individuals in obtaining tickets or information.

Pharmacies and Healthcare Settings

Pharmacies and healthcare facilities can use countertop loops to improve communication between staff and patients at counters and service points.

Food Service Counters

Restaurants, cafes, and food service establishments can deploy mobile countertop loops to facilitate communication at order and pickup counters.

Educational Institutions

Small group discussions or interactions at educational institutions, such as schools or colleges, can benefit from portable countertop hearing induction loops.

Customer Service Desks

Customer service desks in various settings, including government offices, utility companies, and customer support centers, can utilise mobile countertop loops for effective communication.

A Solution Tailored for You

LoopMe by BHA will tailor a hearing augmentation solution suited to your specific requirements.

If you require more coverage than the Portable SmartLoop Counter Pack will give, we can provide larger temporary hearing augmentation solutions or permanent installation of hearing augmentation loops in your business.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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